A beginner guide-How to Choose the Best Vape Pen

by Herbeaux R on Jul 19, 2022

A beginner guide-How to Choose the Best Vape Pen

A beginner guide-How to Choose the Best Vape Pen?

In recent years, an increasing amount of people are putting more emphasis on a healthier lifestyle. For many, this includes abandoning their tobacco cigarettes and searching for safer alternatives with fewer health consequences. Vaping has emerged as a great way to give up traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you’re new to vaping or considering making the switch, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know as a beginner vaper.

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What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen, or e-cigarette, works by heating up the flavored liquid, or vape juice, inside with an electronic device to create a vapor that you can then inhale. Vape pens are battery-operated, relatively portable and lightweight, inexpensive and, in recent years, have become more stylish than ever. Most vape pens have a cylindrical shape and the size of a ballpoint pen to ensure they can easily fit inside your purse or pocket. 


Types of Vape Pens

The popularity of vape pens has led to a boom in the development of new devices which can quickly become confusing to the beginner vaper. In general, there are two types of vape pens based on the delivery system: the traditional tank-based pen and pod-based system.

The traditional tank-based vape pen features a cylindrical glass or plastic tank where the e-liquid (the liquid producing the vapor) is stored. There are usually larger and heavier than pod systems and as a result, store a larger amount of vape juice and have a longer battery life, as well as better vapor production. Pod-based vaping systems, on the other hand, store the vape juice in a small plastic pod that can be replaced. Each vape pod is specifically made for a specific device which limits the versatility and choice when it comes to different brands’ flavors. On the plus side, it ensures that pod-based vape pens are much sleeker than traditional tank-based pens.

To complicate things a little bit further, you can also choose between refillable and disposable vapes. Disposables are the cheapest and simplest option out there, with an array of vaping companies offering more flavors and options than you can imagine. They’re more convenient, easier to use, and relatively inexpensive, but typically offer the weakest vaping experience and shorter battery life. Refillable vapes, on the other hand, have a superior vaping experience but offer less flavor variety.

How to choose between a tank-based and pod-based vape system? Consider your lifestyle and needs when making the decision. Pods have a shorter battery life but are much easier to use and maintain which makes them perfect for the beginner vaper. If you’re looking for a stronger vaping experience and prefer to cater your vape pen to your needs, a tank-based vape pen might be the better option for you. 


Inhaling Style

One thing many beginner vapers neglect to factor in when choosing a vape pen is their preferred inhaling style. The way you like to inhale the vapor will ultimately affect your vaping experience.

There are two types of inhaling styles: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). Most beginner vapers prefer mouth-to-lung inhaling as the experience is much closer to that of a tobacco cigarette. With mouth-to-lung, you will draw the vapor directly into your mouth, hold it, and only then inhale it into your lungs. With MTL vaping, you generally enjoy a stronger throat hit.

Direct-to-lung inhaling, on the other hand, is best suited to people who prefer a smoother vaping experience and enjoy lower-nicotine liquids. With DTL, you will inhale the vapor directly into your lungs, without holding it in your mouth beforehand. This allows you to enjoy larger vapor clouds and richer, fuller flavors. The DTL vaping is more akin to breathing air normally, which leads to a more intense vaping experience. 

Your preferred inhaling style would also influence your choice of vaping pen. Pod-based systems, for instance, are generally better suited to people who prefer the tight-draw, restricted flow of mouth-to-lung vaping that resembles smoking a traditional cigarette.


How to choose the best vape pen?

Ultimately, the choice of the best vape pen would depend on your preferences, as well as your lifestyle. Consider factors such as price (including the cost of disposables or replacing any components), the appearance of the pen (pod-based systems are generally sleeker and more stylish than tank-based pens), the feel, ease of use, battery life, vape juice capacity, and of course, the vapor cloud and flavor options. As mentioned previously, tank-based systems generally have a longer battery life, though there are pod-based options that pack quite a significant battery size to ensure you enjoy a longer and smoother vaping experience. 

For beginner vapers, we recommend going with a disposable pod-based system that offers greater ease of use and no complicated settings. For instance, the Vaptio Beco Mesh Disposable Vape is a king of disposables with its whopping 5.5mL of vape juice capacity and an extended battery life thanks to the 1000mAh battery. The lightweight, sleek design ensures you can easily keep it in your pocket or bag, and each Beco Mesh offers you around 2,200 delicious vapes. It comes in seven delicious flavors to choose from so you can experiment and find the one you love the most.  


Which vape pen should I buy?

Have you decided to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping? Awesome! When considering the best vape pen to buy, take into account the factors that can impact your vaping experience, including price, value, the type of device, your preferred inhaling style, as well as the availability of flavors. If you’re just making your first steps into the world of vaping, we recommend starting with a simple, disposable vape-based system like the Beco Mesh, but if you’re looking to expand and fully personalize your vaping experience, consider making a list of your favorite brands and compare the pros and cons of different delivery systems to make the best choice for yourself.


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